binäre optionen 60 sekunden 1 euro Today was a very exciting day.

follow link It was a Rowan Farm Road Trip. To Gloucester. To go shopping.

click First stop – to see Nick at Ecohaus Internorm Windows’ Showroom.

binäre option handel image

app opzioni binarie These windows and doors are a glass act when it comes to their eco credentials. Their triple glazed, air tight formula is the gold standard in Passivhaus construction. image But as well as getting the green light for their sustainability standards…

enter site They’re just plain awesome.

enter Beautiful to look at. Gracefully solid. And they do that delicate “shhhhhhhhhhhcluuunk” when you slide them closed.

click Oli and I were so absorbed admiring the sound quality and craftsmanship, we failed to notice our son busying himself with the task of shoving at a window propped up against a wall.

Despite being so acoustically pleasing once fitted, they make quite a loud clang when they’re knocked over…

But it’s clearly testament to their quality that the window didn’t break. And therefore neither did the bank in having to replace it. And neither did Rory, who was fortunately safely on the other side of the fallen joinery looking very pleased with himself.

So having chosen our composite metal and wood window colours, handles and sliding mechanisms, we made a hasty exit before any Guthries had a go at breaking something else.

And it was on to Everhot.


These range cookers are again the go to option for sustainable living.


Conceived at this Mill and manufactured in the UK, it’s as if someone has taken an Aga and fixed everything that’s wrong with it.


It’s hugely energy efficient and designed to be used with renewables. The ovens are spacious. The hot plates are wide. The temperature is easily adjusted. It goes into eco snooze mode when you’re not using it.  It looks dead smart. And what’s more, it appears to be Rory-proof.